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Spending Tracker 1.1

A spending tracker app you might actually use

If you want an easy and straightforward way to manage your money then Spending Tracker is the app for you.

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  • Incredibly easy and straightforward
  • Ability to export data to CSV file
  • Syncs with Dropbox to back up data (premium feature)


  • Can't sync bank accounts or credit cards
  • User interface is rather bland

Very good

If you want an easy and straightforward way to manage your money then Spending Tracker is the app for you.

Set your budget

When the app starts, all you have to do is enter your income and expenses over a set time period and allocate it a category (clothes, fuel, entertainment etc for expenses or salary for income). Then you can set it to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly and it will track how much money you have left that week, month or year (against a set budget if you chose to activate that option). There is also a carry over option where any money you have left each month (or day or week) gets transferred to the next one.

An additional feature is the ability to track the income and expenses from multiple accounts.

Rotating your phone on its side automatically allows you to see reports as pie charts or graphs in percentages or money. Put it upright and it automatically corrects. Useful and slightly irritating at the same time.

Spending Track allows you to export your data as a spreadsheet or sync your data with Dropbox (premium version) and you'd like to keep your data private, you can set a passcode to lock the app.

Functional but not beautiful

Spending Tracker is very intuitive (that's its major advantage) and, if you're ever in doubt, you can tap on the gray question mark button.

The interface is a touch dull and dreary (extra themes and fonts would be welcome) and the writing and the buttons to add your income and expenses on the home screen are pretty small on some handsets. It would also be useful to be able to right or left swipe between the different menus while the useful tips appear too often.

For day-to-day use

Spending Tracker hasn't got as many features as other finance apps and it's certainly not got the most attractive user interface. But the point of the app is to be functional and to be so simple you actually use it.

Spending Tracker


Spending Tracker 1.1

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